KLER "Medouska"
  • KLER "Medouska"

    Author's Doll "KLER" "Medouska" Collection "Summer" Author Streltsova Dina

    The doll is presented as an example, it is in a private collection.

    Author's Doll. Hands on a wire frame. Chatterbox legs.


    Head, neck, arms, legs - LivingDoll, textile body on a frame, glass eyes, hairstyle - natural hair (goat).

    Height 25cm, sitting 18cm


    Wild silk, cambric silk / cotton, silk-reaper, silk ribbons, Japanese cotton lace, an element of antique embroidery on a cap, Swarovski pearls on shoes, roses - polyethylene chiffon, nylon stockings

      RUB 30,000.00Price